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with over 25 years experience in the industry


Domacls Engg. (P) Ltd, was founded in 1993 and offers a complete range of engineering, equipment manufacturing and commissioning of Conveyor Systems and Loading Machines catering to the material handling needs for Cement, paper,
fertilizer, mining , Sugar and other related industries. Domacls manufactures equipment that include: Belt Conveyors, Screw
Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Bucket Elevators. Rotary Feeders, Pellatisers , Truck & Wagon Loading Machines

Like all great things, that have begun small, the beginning of Domacls was also modest, quite and with a purpose. The
company started with Rs. 30 Lakhs turnover initially and has grown year after year to achieve the turnover of Rs. 630 Lakhs
during the financial year 2006-07. We are poised to further growth and achieve the turnover of Rs.1500 Lakhs for the
financial year 2007 – 08 with order booking of 1900 Lakhs on hand.

Our Company is headed by Technocrat with more than 25 years experience in Material Handling System ably supported by
Managers from Design, Production, Purchase, Projects & Marketing with Material Handling experience of 25-30 years. In
Nut-Shell the company is run by a team of Technocrats with 25-30 years experience in Material Handling.

We are also in a position to develop special Conveyors and Material Handling Systems for specific applications.We have rich experience in the field of Cement, Fertilizer, Ceramics, Automobile Automation, Food, Paper, Aluminum and Sugar Industry. We have supplied various types of material handling equipment for Bulk Handling systems for various industries. With over two decades of our experience and backed by a Computer Aided Design pool, we have been successful in making available the most economic design at reasonable prices.

We are a team of dedicated hardworking, talented employees putting in our best to study our customer’s requirement and to provide economical and high quality products using innovative ways to serve our customers towards satisfaction and profitability.

With the above background and experience in turn key contracts, we are now executing orders on turn key basis which includes design, selection, detailing of all mechanical, structural and electrical equipment / components and also erection and commissioning of total systems to the satisfaction of the ultimate user.


We are committed to providing products and services that meet the customer’s requirements on time and at a valuable price.

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